June 2019 Update: KAAN has a new website! We're still working on it, but information on this page hasn't been updated recently. For the latest, please visit our new home at KansasAdvising.org.

Upload instructions

Presenters: submit files for the 2014 KAAN conference
Email your presentation files as attachments to the communications coordinator at kansasadvising@gmail.com. If using Google Drive, you can skip the email and simply "share" your documents to kansasadvising@gmail.com. We will post your documents to the KAAN website. Remember these files will be public and searchable on the web.

Acceptable files include Microsoft Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and PDF files. If you have a different file type, please contact us before sending.

Guidelines for submitting photos
File format: JPEG
Ideal size: 800 pixels on the longest side
Detailed settings: JPG compression of 70%, optimized and non-progressive