June 2019 Update: KAAN has a new website! We're still working on it, but information on this page hasn't been updated recently. For the latest, please visit our new home at KansasAdvising.org.

KAAN Steering Committee

Sarah Howe
Serving Sept. 2018-Sept. 2020
Kansas State University

The chair shall preside at all meetings of the association and steering committee and serves on the professional development fund committee. The chair is generally responsible for overseeing all of the association's activities. The chair may call special meetings of the steering committee and will serve as an ex-officio member of all standing and ad hoc committees.
Vice chair*
J.D. Koons
Serving Sept. 2017-Sept. 2019
Highland Community College

The vice chair shall perform the duties and responsibilities of the chair in the chair’s absence and, when so acting, shall exercise the powers of the chair. Vice chair shall serve as chair of the professional development fund committee.

Interim Past chair*
Kaydee Emperly
Serving Jan 2019 -Sept. 2019
Washburn University

The Past-Chairperson will serve as chairperson of the Nominations and Elections Committee and will serve as the Program Committee Chair.

Suzanne Duncan
Serving Feb. 2019-Sept. 2019
Manhattan Area Technical College

The secretary shall keep records of all meetings of the association and the steering committee and shall give notice of special and regular meetings to all members.

Maria Lucas
Serving Sept. 2018-Sept. 2020
Wichita State University

The treasurer will have custody of all KAAN funds and shall maintain such deposits in a federally insured depository institution approved by the steering committee. The treasurer shall serve on the professional development fund committee. The treasurer shall also maintain a register accounting for all receipts and disbursements, provide year-to-date and annual reports at steering committee and annual meetings, and have the books available for audit prior to the annual meeting.
Membership Coordinator
Karen Wright, MS.Ed.
Serving Sept. 2017-Sept. 2019
Wichita State University
kaanmembership @gmail.com

The membership coordinator will serve as the chair of the membership committee, shall maintain accurate membership records, and aid in the recruitment of new institutions/individual members.
Communication Coordinator
    Serving thru Sept. 2020

The communication coordinator will serve as the chair for the communications committee and shall maintain the association’s website and coordinate communication with the membership by listserv groups, social media, newsletters, or other mediums as approved by the steering committee.

* The person elected as vice chair shall serve a three-year term: one year as vice chair, one year as chair, and one year as past chair. The past chair may be re-elected for one consecutive three-year term (one year each as vice chair, chair, and past chair).